La Costena Whole Black Beans 560g

La Costena Whole Black Beans 560g

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This is one of my favorite meals! Whole black beans or Frijoles Negros are very common in homemade meals throughout Mexico. Whole black beans are just accompanied with chopped onion, Fresco cheese or fried tortilla strips. Depending on the region and customs, it is usually served alone or accompanied by crackers or cooked nopalitos. In the Gulf of Mexico, south and southeast of the country, is also known as Caldo de frijol.


    Water, black beans, ONION, tomato paste, iodized salt, jalapeño pepper, SOY oil, SODIUM GLUTAMATE and GARLIC.

    Keep it  on a dry and cool place. Refrigerate after opening. 


    nutritional information for each 50gr
    saturated fat 0% Cal, other fats 0% cal, Total sugars 16 cal 4%, sodium 164mg 8% Energy 40 cal, energy per container 448 cal. 11.2 servings per container. % daily nutrients a. net content 560gr


    Whole Black Beans with Epazote / Frijoles Negros con Epazote


    1 can Whole Black Beans La Costeña 560 g
    1⁄2 chopped onion
    2 tsp Vegetable oil
    1⁄4 cup of water
    1 tsp salt
    1⁄2 spoonful Epazote