Verde Valle De Arbol Dried Chili Pepper 75g

Verde Valle De Arbol Dried Chili Pepper 75g

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The Chile de árbol in spanish known as tree chili, is a small and potent Mexican chili pepper also called bird's beak chile. This amazing hot flavour chili pepper is great for hot sauce lovers!


    De Arbol Dried Chile Sauce (Salsa de Chile de Arbol)

    4 tomatoes
    1⁄4 white onion
    15 Verde valle chiles de árbol
    4 Las catrinas morita chiles
    1 clove of garlic
    Salt to taste


    Cook the tomatoes and remove the skin.
    Separately, roast the onion and chiles without letting them burn.
    Blend the tomatoes with the chiles, onion and garlic.
    Add salt to taste.


    Dried De Arbol Chili.