Valentina Black label Hot sauce 370g

Valentina Black label Hot sauce 370g

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It is a Mexican sauce, which can be found in any store or supermarket in the country. Salsa Valentina is used to flavor fried foods such as popcorn, French fries, fruits, mango, orange, jicama and other foods such as hot dogs, banderillas, pizzas or boiled eggs. It is also used in cocktails such as michelada. It is a sauce that, due to its characteristics, is usually used in Spanish cuisine in the preparation of dishes such as patatas bravas.


    Agua, chile seco de árbol, acidulante E260, sal yodada, mezcla de especias, conservador E211, 


    For 100 ml
    Energy value 0.00 kcal / 0.00 kJ
    Total fat 0.00 g
    saturated 0.00 g
    Total carbohydrates 0.00 g
    sugars 0.00 g
    Protein 0.00 g
    Salt 1.40 g


    Keep in a dry and cool place. After opening, refrigerate