Tostadas Arevalo 210 gr

Tostadas Arevalo 210 gr

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In Mexico and Guatemala, a tostada is a crunchy corn tortilla. This is achieved by drying the tortillas on the comal or in the sun, or it can also be achieved by frying them. Currently this dish in Mexico is considered fast food due to its easy way to eat it, its sale in open places, and sometimes because it is made in oil.


Add any topping: sour cream, fried beans, chicken, beef, anything... thay are just lovely


    The tostadas are baked and are gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians, Gluten free


    nixtamalized corn masa, water, iodized refined salt, canola oil, firming agent E526 and oxiplus


    Keep on a dry and cool storage room

    After opened consume after 3 days