Nopal Taco Combo

Nopal Taco Combo

VAT Included

This is your TACO COMBO:

1 pack Nixtamilized Blue Corn Tortilla 500gr

1 Salsa Ranchera La Costeña 250 gr

1 pack Fresh Cactus 1Kg



    Fresh cactus

    Tomato, finely chopped

    Onion , Finely chopped

    500gr Panela Cheese


    Chop the tomatoe and the onion

    Put them in a hot pan with little bit of Olive oil

    When the onion is changing to a caramelized color add the cactus leaves and stir.

    Add some salt and oregano and when it looks  they are already soft it is because they are already cooked 

    In another hot pan, very hot pan, heat the tortillas one by one 30 seconds each side until soft

    we take out the cactus leaves and cut them into strips

    When they are to your liking put the nopales, a slice of cheese and the chopped tomatoan onoin, inside your tortilla.

    Add salsa verde to your taste.