Tamales Sentis Mex Food x 4. 700gr

Tamales Sentis Mex Food x 4. 700gr

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This delicious tamales came to my hands in a unique way. During difficult times, we found opportunities to help each other. Supporting small businesses like mine. Made by mexican hands and a passionate heart , this  tamales are AMAZING 


So, in this pack of 4 tamales in total 700gr, you will get:

1) Pork tamal with red sauce

2) Chicken tamal with green sauce

3) Jalapeno slices Tamal 

4) Strawberry tamal!! this one is excellent 


Please visit our Ingredient Declaration information so as the allergen information before purchasing.


Enjoy Sentis Mex Food Tamales and sauce!!


    Dough, corn, water, pork fat, baking powder, cooked chicken or pork in a red sauce, chile guajillo, cummin, garlic, onion, salt, chicken broth (water, chicken , onions , garlic, cummin and salt). Oil. oregano, potatoe, cooked chicken or pork in a green sauce (green tomatillos, garlic, coriander, onion, salt, green jalapeno, chicken broth water (water, chicken , onions , garlic, cummin and salt). Oil, potatoe. Rajas ( green pepper, and cheese). 

    Strawberry tamal. Dough (water, sugar, vegetable dye, baking powder, aniseed, butter and strawberry)


    Keep refigerated until open.

    Do not keep after open.


    Contains pork, chicken, red tomatoes, green tomatoes, gluten, corn flour, soja.