Tajin Chili-Lime Seasoning 142g

Tajin Chili-Lime Seasoning 142g

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Chili powder is another wonder that we learned to enjoy from childhood! It makes everything exciting and fun. Srpinkle it over your favorite snacks, fruit, carrots, yes! carrots . You can also use it to marinate your favorite beef or even in your tacos. Most mexicans also use it to prepare the famous drink "Michelada". 


    Ingredients: Chili peppers, sea salt, citric acid, dehydrated lime juice, silicon dioxide. 

    No artificial colours or flavours added.

    This is not a candy.

    Keep in a dry and cool place. Do not add water.


    Fresh Mangos with Tajin powder / Mangos con Tajín


    4 portions
    4 fresh diced Mangos
    1 Tajín powder

    On a salad platter, place the diced Mangos. S