Ponche in brine 908g

Ponche in brine 908g

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Ponche in Brine (908g) 

Ponche in Brine is a delicious Mexican fruit ( tejocotes, guavas, cinamon and Sugar cane) punch. If I keep deep lovely memories from my childhood, are the ones around my family, and family times around the winter season in Mexico City, My Ponche is Top 2.

Fruit Ponch that warmed lovely hot drink to enjoy around the family.



    Mexican Punch Hot Drink / Ponche Mexicano

    1⁄2 kg diced red apples
    1⁄2 kg diced Golden apples
    1⁄2 kg diced guava
    1 cup dried plumbs
    2 Piloncillo Cones 230 g
    1 cup sugar
    1 1⁄2 cup Hibiscus Flower
    2 cinnamon sticks


    Fill half of a larger pot with water, add the Piloncillo Cones and cinnamon bring to boil until
    well dissolved. Add the rest of the ingredients and boil a medium-low heat until all the fruit
    is will cooked. Serve hot and enjoy!