Maizena Walnut 47 gr

Maizena Walnut 47 gr

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Maizena mix for typicall beverage flavored with corn syrup. It's very common to make "Atole" : The atole (from Nahuatl atolli 'loose', from atl water and tol, diminutive derogatory), also known as atol in some regions; it is a pre-Hispanic drink consumed in Mesoamerica and northern South America. In its original form it is a sweet cooking of corn in water, in proportions such that at the end of the cooking has a moderate viscosity and that it is served as hot as possible


This drink is very famous during some mexican  Holidays.


    Cornstarch, iodized salt, vitamin and mineral mix (vitamin C, iron, niacin, zinc, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B120 artificial flavoring, artificial colors and calcium carbonate


    Keep in a dry and cool place.