Bufalo Classic Hot Sauce 150g

Bufalo Classic Hot Sauce 150g

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Bufalo Classica style. Mexico's favorite hot sauce. Turn on your taste buds with the intense spicy flavor of the Guajillo peppers in Bufalo Classic Style Hot sauce.


This sauce reminds me my "childhood", yes! I was hidden getting my big bag of salty crisps and adding this hot flavory sauce mm . I really enjoyed it! You can add it to pop corn, tortilla chips, fish cocktails etc. 



    Water, acetic acid, guajillo chili, iodized salt, sugar, XANTHAN gum, condiments, conservative sodium benzoate, artificial red allura AC dye and dehydrated garlic.

    Keep in a dry and cool place. Refrigerate after opening. Consume before the best before date on the bottle


    Chicken Fajitas in Bufalo Hot Sauce / Fajitas de Pollo con Salsa Búfalo


    4 portions

    ¾ cup Bufalo Hot Sauce

    4 boneless sliced chicken breasts