Valentina Hot Sauce Yellow Label  370 gr

Valentina Hot Sauce Yellow Label 370 gr

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Did you know that the name of this delicious and spicy Mexican sauce comes from a character of the Mexican Revolution? A brave woman "La Valentina". Salsa Valentina is the most famous hot sauce in Mexico, and now you can enjoy it and give a Mexican taste to your food and snacks!


    Water, puya chili, garlic, iodized salt, vinegar, sugar, spices, sodium benzoate.


    Pop Corn with Valentina Hot Sauce / Palomitas de maíz con Salsa Valentina 



    1 bottle of Valentina Hot Sauce Yellow Label 370 g 

    1 cup popcorn kernels 

    ¼ Vegetable oil 

    1 full spoon of Salt 


    On a pot place the oil at high heat. When hot, add the salt. Stir. Add the popcorn kernels and  lower the heat. Cover. The popcorn will be ready in about 15 minutes. Place the popcorn on  a plate or bowl and sprinkle the popcorn with Valentina Hot Sauce to your liking. Enjoy!


    Nutritional Facts per 100g: Energy 0 kJ (0 kcal), Fat 0g, Protein 0g. A 5g serving provides: saturated fat 0kcal, other fats 0 kcal, Total Sugars 0 kcal, Sodium 95 mg, Energy 1 kcal. Energy content per package 95 kcal.