Cambray whole cactus leaves 460 g

Cambray whole cactus leaves 460 g

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Azteca cactus leaves or better known as "Nopalitos". i have to confess that the nopales are a weakness for me, I have momoires of my childhood when my father used to tell me as a joke that is was green ham. With the time I learned the richness of proteins and of course the great taste it has, My grandma showed me how to do it in salads, soups, or just cooked with some onion, tomatoes and a bit of oregano in the pan.


You have to try them in:

Tender little pieces cut into ready-to-eat pieces, just rinse and add to your favorite dish or salad.


    Nutrition Information
    Size of the Porcion 100g
    Servings per pack 4
    Energetic content 15.2 Kcal. (63.64kJ)
    Proteins 1g
    Total fat 0.8g
    Carbohydrates 1g
    Dietary fiber 0.6g
    Sodium 1,380mg