Mexico Lindo Northern Ireland was born in the heart of a passionate Northern Irish man, Craig and his wife Gabriela, a Mexican woman living in beautiful Northern Ireland and missing her favorite food. 


This is my story: Living away from Mexico show me how much Mexican people we are attached to our culture, family ties, music, traditions, food, all these is very intrinsic to us. I remembered that famous song "Mexico Lindo y querido". That is the reason that I chose this name to start what it was going to be the project of my professional life in Northern Ireland


The first idea came almost 7 years ago, when I was suffering literally, for tacos, tortillas and salsa verde and, I couldn't find it anywhere. We were travelling once a year to Mexico on vacation and there was my opportunity to bring one suitcase with my tortillas , salsa and snacks, obviously not enough. In 2017, I had an experience that brought me close to death. And during the time of my recovery, I planned all this dream in my mind, I realized that there is only one life and we have to take chances and opportunities.


I also found out that Mexican food is popular in the local community, many Irish people expressed their love for the spice flavor in Mexican food. And of course I was not the only Mexican asking for corn tortillas, maseca to prepare my tamales or churros, or begging to taste chilies,or smell the fragance of a red mole. Soon I was ready with my online business. I was given the opportunity to distribute the amazing Moctezuma Corn Tortillas and other products are also ready to be distributed by Mexico Lindo NI.


Always with the passion to share my Mexican food with my fellow Mexicans living here, and  the Mexican food lovers around, providing the best customer service that I learned during my almost 15 years working in the Hospitality business.

Thank you for letting us bring a bite of Mexico to your door. Gabriela Coll