Mexico Lindo Northern Ireland was born in the heart of a passionate Northern Irish man, Craig and his wife Gabriela, a Mexican woman living in beautiful Northern Ireland and missing her favorite food. 


This is my story: Living away from Mexico showed me how much Mexican people are attached to our culture, family ties, music, traditions and food; all this is very intrinsic to us. "Mexico Lindo y Querido", a very dear song to me and all mexicans specially when living abroad, is the reason that I chose this name to start what it was going to be the project of my professional life in Northern Ireland.


The first idea came almost 7 years ago, when I was literally suffering craving for tacos, tortillas and salsa verde and I couldn't find it anywhere. We were travelling once a year to Mexico on vacation and there was my opportunity to bring one suitcase with my tortillas, salsa and snacks; obviously it was never enough. In 2017, I had an experience that brought me close to death, and during my recovery, I planned all this dream in my mind and I realized that there is only one life and we have to take all chances and opportunities.


I also found out that Mexican food is popular in the local community, many Northern Irish people have expressed their love for the spicy flavour of Mexican food. And of course I was not the only Mexican asking for corn tortillas, maseca to prepare my tamales, churros, begging to eat chilis, or smell the fragance of a red mole. When we opened in July 2020, I knew it was going to take hard work and dedication but it was going to be worth it. Thankfully now I had been given the opportunity to distribute these wonderful Mexican products in Northern Ireland:





There are new opportunities opening ahead. I do all this with the passion to share my Mexican food with my "paisanos" living here and  the Mexican food lovers all around, providing the best customer service that I learned during my almost 15 years working in the Hospitality business.

Thank you for letting us bring, A bite of Mexico to your door!








                                                                             Gabriela Coll

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